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Ultrasonics Exercises

1. What are ultrasonics? Describe their production.


2. How are ultrasonics detected? Explain the principle and working of a thermal detector.


3. Discuss briefly the applications of ultrasonics in

(i) Depth sounding and           (ii) Signalling.


4. Discuss briefly applications of ultrasonics.


5. What are ultrasonic waves? Describe a method of producing ultrasonic waves using piezoelectric crystals. Mention some of the uses of ultrasonic waves.


6. Write short notes on

(i) Galton’s Whistle                 (ii) Magnetostriction Oscillator

(iii) Piezoelectric Oscillator     (iv) Acoustic Grating

(v) Ultrasonics and its uses     (m) Depth Sounding.


7. Write an essay on ultrasonic waves.


8. Give one method for the production of ultrasonic waves.


9. Specify different methods for the production of ultrasonic waves and describe one of them in detail.


10. Discuss the various applications of ultrasonic waves.